Ductworks HVAC Services is proud to announce that we now offer AeroBarrier air sealing services to home builders throughout Connecticut .

Enjoy the most precise and efficient air sealing with this state-of-the-art technology from Ductworks HVAC Services. In the Southington, CT, market, we are one of only a handful of companies that offer AeroBarrier service.

Why Home Builders Use AeroBarrier

Remove all the guesswork when you are ready to seal a home. AeroBarrier is a self-guided sealing system that seals holes practically invisible to the human eye. When applied at rough-in or after the first coat of drywall, minimal prep is required. It is guaranteed to meet your desired ACH50 (Air Change per Hour at 50 Pa) target.

AeroBarrier won Best in Show and Most Innovative Building Product at the Best of IBS Awards. It was also recognized by the 2019 Green Builder® Sustainability Awards as a 2019 Fast Company World Changing Idea.

It is a perfect air solution for single-family homes and multifamily buildings.

How Does AeroBarrier Work?

AeroBarrier’s proprietary, computer-controlled, air sealing technology is the easiest way to meet your Connecticut building code requirements for controlling air leakage rates.

AeroBarrier’s atomized sealant tracks pressurized air escaping a building envelope to seal the leaks. It is a convenient four-step process:

  1. Step one involves setting up the equipment, covering finished horizontal surfaces, and covering openings that are not being sealed.
  2. The sealing process begins in step two. Using the proprietary technology, our Ductworks HVAC Services technicians pressure the space, input your target ACH50, and begin computer-controlled sealing.The pressure carries our nontoxic, water-based formula throughout the home, effectively sealing any leak by using the very air leaking out of the home, thereby finding any leak point, visible or not.
  3. We monitor and finish the sealing in step three. Progress is reported every 60 seconds to verify the target ACH50 is achieved.
  4. Step four is certifying the seal and cleaning up. We remove all the protective coverings and equipment. Construction work can resume within 30 minutes.

When Is the Best Time to Apply AeroBarrier?

Ideally, you want to apply AeroBarrier during the construction phase of your home when the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing lines are brought in—or right after drywall is installed.

The Advantages of AeroBarrier

It works with your insulation to seal in the fresh air and keep out pollutants. Here are some of the added benefits you’ll enjoy as a home builder:

  • AeroBarrier simultaneously measures and seals building envelope leaks, allowing builders to dial in the precise level of leakage and performance quickly and easily.
  • Homeowners enjoy improved indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • A professionally sealed home reduces the wear and tear on mechanical equipment, enhancing comfort and saving money on heating and cooling.
  • Helps prevent moisture from entering the wall system, controlling mold growth
  • Diminishes outside noise by up to 40 percent.
  • Creates a first line of defense against pests and critters.

Enjoy a New Method of Air Sealing Today

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