Cellar Door Installation Throughout Connecticut

New England's largest cellar entry specialist.

CT Cellar Doors is New England’s Largest Cellar Entry Specialists and have been the "go to" Company for Cellar Doors, Bottom Entry Doors, Egress Systems and Basement windows for over 18 years. Our Team of Factory Trained Specialists will provide you a "Free and No Obligation" Quote at a fair price with outstanding Customer Service. The Connecticut Cellar Doors, LLC teams specialize in the unique installation of bulkhead doors that prioritize quality and best-price to bring you an installation that surpasses your expectations. We provide the highest-quality materials within any budget, combined with the best installation services and the best warranty available to all customers.

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We cover old ugly concrete and asphalt.

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Resilient & Durable

Rubber Stone is manufactured using strong, high-quality materials, making it a smart choice for a range of extreme weather conditions, whether it's a cold Canadian winter or a hot Southwest summer. With a high-traction surface designed to withstand heavy traffic, Rubber Stone is safe, long-lasting solution.

Stylish & Versatile

Rubber Stone covers cracked, pitted, shaled, and deteriorated surfaces more effectively than almost any other resurfacing product. With a variety of colors to choose from, you get the decorative elements you want without compromising the durability you need. Rubber Stone can be installed horizontally or vertically on a variety of surfaces, giving you true flexibility in how you choose to improve your space.

Rubber Stone

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