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Water Heaters Southington, CT

It’s important to take the time to choose a water heater that will meet your household’s needs and operate efficiently.

With a wide range of brands, sizes, fuel sources, and energy ratings, it can be difficult know which model is right for you. The team from Ductworks HVAC Services is licensed, extensively trained, and has the experience to make informed and cost-effective recommendations. We offer free estimates, upfront pricing, and quick turnaround on your project. Our level of professionalism and expertise ensures safe and satisfying results.

Don't settle for less - invest in a superior water heater.

The cheapest water heater may end up being the most expensive to operate and maintain over its lifetime. Oversized units come with a higher purchase price and increased energy bills, due to higher standby energy losses. A properly sized water heater promotes efficiency and supplies sufficient hot water. Ductworks HVAC Services will consider the size of your family and the utilities in your home. We will factor in the unit’s recovery rate. The greater your demand for hot water, the higher recovery rate you require. We will determine height and width to ensure adequate space is available for installation. By accurately sizing and installing your new water heater, Ductworks HVAC Services maximizes the satisfaction and value of your investment.

Gaining popularity as an alternative to storage tank models, tankless water heaters last longer, provide lower operating cost, use less energy and offer a life expectancy of over twenty years. These units eliminate the standby energy costs of constantly heating water in a stored tank. Tankless units only heat water as you need it. Turning on your water signals an electric or gas-powered heat exchanger that quickly heats the water to your preset temperature. Heating water as it flows means you never run short of hot water. There’s no possibility of flooding from a ruptured tank, and because the water has not been sitting in the tank, possibly absorbing minerals and contaminants, it’s much cleaner. While tankless water heaters cost more to purchase and install, the savings over the longer life of the system can quickly recover the higher initial investment.

For excellent water heater service, you can count on the team at Ductworks HVAC.

Contact Ductworks HVAC Services for all of your water heating needs. We offer comprehensive maintenance to protect the performance, ensure safety, and extend service life of your unit. For those times when your water heater isn’t living up to expectations, we provide lasting and economical repairs. If you find yourself in an emergency, our licensed technicians are always available to handle the most complex situations. Contact Ductworks HVAC Services 24/7 at 860-621-6295 for swift and reliable service. Whether you need installation, regular service, or trustworthy repair in Southington and throughout Southington CT, Bristol CT, Cheshire CT, Avon CT, West Hartford CT, Farmington, CT, Plantsville CT, Farmington CT, count on the professionals from Ductworks HVAC Services for a higher level of quality.