According to research performed by the National Fire Protection Association, more than 15,500 US home fires were caused by dryers in 2010 alone.  These fires could have been easily prevented with annual, professional maintenance.  Lint and other debris can accumulate in your dryer hose and vent duct, restricting airflow, backing up exhaust gases, and creating a fire hazard.  Yearly inspection and cleaning, performed by the licensed specialists from Ductworks HVAC Services, ensures safe operation and improved efficiency.

If you’ve noticed your dryer taking longer and longer to properly dry your clothes, your dryer vent is most likely clogged.  If clothes are not completely dry at the end of a regular cycle, the problem needs to be addressed.  A dryer is designed to extract hot moist air.  When the vent is blocked by lint, the air will remain in the dryer, leaving clothes hot and moist.  Longer cycles place more wear and tear on the appliance, reducing system life expectancy by half.  Ignoring regular service of your dryer not only puts safety at risk, it costs you more in extended operating cycles and worn components.

Now may be the time to consider dryer vent cleaning!

If your clothes or the exterior of the dyer are very hot at end of the cycle, the vent is not exhausting properly.  A contaminated and dirty system wastes energy and can wear out the heating element and blower in the dryer much faster.  If you notice a burning smell, lint may be built up in the exhaust tube, lint trap, and even in the drum casing.  Lint is extremely flammable.  Once it gets sufficiently hot, it catches fire.  Do not continue to operate the dryer if you detect any worrisome odors.  Do not take chances with the safety of your home and family.

While some homeowners are tempted to try do-it-yourself methods, it is nearly impossible to ensure safe, clean, and reliable dryer operation without sophisticated tools and extensive training.  The certified technicians from Ductworks HVAC Services bring together years of experience, professional resources, and factory training to quickly, effectively, and accurately service your dryer.  Count on us to arrive on time, dressed in uniform, and maintain a neat and clean work area.

When you need professional dryer vent cleaning, know you can trust in Ductworks HVAC Services!

As a family owned and locally operated business serving Southington and all of Southington CT, Bristol CT, Cheshire CT, Avon CT, West Hartford CT, Farmington, CT, Plantsville CT, Farmington CT, Ductworks HVAC Services takes dryer maintenance very seriously.  While we love to save you money and ensure your comfort, our priority is the safety of your family.  Fortunately, we can offer all those benefits and more in one convenient and affordable service.